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The Mandelson Factor.

Article from Express Sunday 9th August 09

I start by stating my appreciation of the fact that we have people of his calibre in public life. He’s a real player and I think that he’s in general terms a force for good governance. I rate him highly.

Many people have negative views of him personally, though in most cases I think they’re reacting to the persona created by some parts of the press. They’re the same people who would think that Machiavelli was always a force for evil, which he wasn’t.

Mandelson saved Browns neck this week in the estimation of many people and I agree with that view of the situation. If it weren’t for Lord Peter I think we’d be in general election mode within a few days.

Now to my question:

How valid is it for him or any other unelected person to be acting in a position of governance? I’ve already said I rate him highly, but there are many others that I rate equally highly and if he wasn’t elected, why should we not have an executive arm of the state that simply employs the best people for the job and sticks them all in high office via the House of Lords?

In fact, why do we need an elected government at all on that basis? Why doesn’t QE2 just go and get the best squad she can and let them run UK PLC?

The answer is of course DEMOCRACY, which I think the current goverment has done much to undermine (take the referendum matter as an instance) and which it doesn’t apparently care too much about.

If Peter Mandelson and Digby Jones and Alan Sugar are going to be asked to run the country, doesn’t it say so much about the quality of the ELECTED people that are available to this government?

To be continued …

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Comment by Mike Daly on August 31, 2009 at 21:51
Behind this perceptive blogg is the critical observation that the talent pool in the Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties is very limited. Add to that the fact that many politicians now follow a carrer path starting as an intern with some current member of the government, get parachuted into a safe seat, and then rise to power aka David Milliband. No experience of business, running organisations, or indded life outside politics.

On the other hand, stalwarts such as Digby Jones get stifled by government, its concensual and slow decsion making, and probably the necessity to achieve the compromise.

Maybe we should look at the US where technocrats can join government and effectively deploy leadership skills. Lord Mandlesson may not be elected but he is head and shoulders above most of the cabinet and certainly Gordon Brown.

Ken Clarke and Lord Mandlesson working together may be rather effective...
Comment by Chris Eccles on July 16, 2009 at 9:55
Maybe we should have had an election and sent this bunch of nare do wells to the pit of humanity they belong in - long live Maggie!

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