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The question of VOLUME on Twitter and my own response ...

Good morning - its Sunday 17th April.


I have always been conscious of the fact that the volume of tweets emanating from me - @mikejulietbravo - can sometimes be large .... too large for some people's tastes. My main profile fluctuates between 30 and 140 tweets per day, with a typical day being 70+. 

So I set up @MJB_limited as a second account very early in my tenure on the Twitter platform. It's still there ticking over and is definitively a LOW VOLUME profile to follow. I put out a MAX of a dozen tweets a day on it and usually it's far less than that. The question of what goes out on it? - typically it's a routine new tweet or two, plus anything that I think will be of specific interest to the people who follow it. Additionally, anything that is fit to become globally significant (news usually) hits that stream.

I then discovered NEWSCRED, which is (in my opinion) a great news aggregation platform and MJB Times was born with the Twitter Profile @mjbtimes. This profile frequently tweets out what I think is significant news and comment about global events. It also carries a "guest blog" (sometimes penned by me), which deals with views on matters pertaining to civilisation, politics and technology.

Then came the acquisition of the Twitter name that I would have originally used, had it been available - @briercliffe - my family name. I decided to make this the basis for my BUSINESS-specific stream and so it is - and it's in the process of being built. On it there are the topics of Social Media, Start-ups and Technology more generally - all the things that make my commercial world tick, plus any significant other news.

So - if you can stand the volume - keep (or start) following me on @mikejulietbravo - it's my ecosphere-wide moniker. But if not, the other ones are worth a follow if you want less volume OR have a specific interest in news and/or business. You'll miss quite a lot of stuff, but hey - that's probably to your advantage! :-)

Next time I'll talk about tools I use to manage the multi-threaded mass that is my on-line presence, including all the other Twitter accounts (30+) that I maintain for very specific sector interests and also those which I help other people to manage.


Ever yours online ...



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