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LinkedIn ... Rt Hon Ken Clarke asked what the government should do to improve the lot of small business

MJB Answer was ...

THIS Government should resign en-masse and we should have a general election as soon as possible.

The next government had better get used to the idea that innovation is what this country is good at and provide an environment that serves the people who do that.

The ones who aren't employed in the service of others and don't innovate can work in the call centres that the next government should also bring back on-shore. Or somewhere otherwise useful in the service industries.

(By the way - innovation is NOT one of these "service" industries, its the first phase of manufacturing or whatever word we use for that in the future).

Next, the new government should set up incentives that bring the learning experience into the business environment.

They should not contract any work to any organisation that firstly doesn't looks to home-based skills to fulfil the needs of the country. After that they can go abroad within reason.

Next - they should cut out all the crap that goes with "reporting" to big brother what your every damned action is when being a small business operator.

Next - they should cull quangos by at least 66% - there's too many of 'em doing the same damned thing.

Next they should tell Scotland that if it wants its own government to get on with it and take all the MPs that represent Scottish constituencies away from Westminster. Allow them 18 months for transition or just shut up and get on with being part of the UK. Or I want Yorkshire and Lancashire to be "countries" as well.

What else can I think of? Just get the hell out of our lives. And yes - get rid of Traffic Wardens and other "pretend policemen".

There is more I'm afraid ....:-) But I've run out of steam.

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