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I will soon cancel this site in the face of the legistation that came into play on 25 May 2018.

It isn't worth the hassle of getting this site definitively compliant to be frank - so I'll move the content to another site which is already GDPR compliant from the outset.

I'll move the blogs, photos, forum items in due course and meantime I will delete all the membership entries from the site so that no personal data is being held.

Long live Privacy and Security, eh? :-)

Current Status

We've killed off the registration part of the site AND parked for purging all previously held registration data because GDPR makes it un-economic to keep that.

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An occasional Sunday blog - The Marvellous Austin Maxi Mk2

I love the Austin Maxi - I drove a few too - an Olive Green one, and a Tango Red one and ... wait for it ... A Vivid Yellow One with a Blue Vinyl Roof!

It was like driving a boat for the main part, though the top-end 1750 could actually go a bit if you worked hard on the revs management.

But - The reason I loved it so much is - it made me a star!

This link shows the oldest surviving vehicle in the UK: …


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A quickie about valuing USED computer stuff.

The other day I had the need to pull out my old "rule-of-thumb" for deciding what to pay for OTHER-THAN-FACTORY-SEALED computer hardware/software.

Bear in mind I've been in and around computers now for 36 years and in that time prices and margins have skewed around. Violently in some cases. But still, the formula holds good in my estimation

Basically the principle I've always used is that as soon as something…


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About.Me is a nice facility ...

All your links in one place - simple but really nicely done AND including some analytics. Come and have a look at my links?

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