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I will soon cancel this site in the face of the legistation that came into play on 25 May 2018.

It isn't worth the hassle of getting this site definitively compliant to be frank - so I'll move the content to another site which is already GDPR compliant from the outset.

I'll move the blogs, photos, forum items in due course and meantime I will delete all the membership entries from the site so that no personal data is being held.

Long live Privacy and Security, eh? :-)

Current Status

We've killed off the registration part of the site AND parked for purging all previously held registration data because GDPR makes it un-economic to keep that.

December 2008 Blog Posts (2)

Business English is BAD!

This is a response to a point made on the IOD LinkedIn Forum ......

I absolutely agree with you that the average executive's business language is below standard ....

Maybe the IOD could offer to sponsor such a course, though perhaps it would need to be wrapped in a slightly disguised form, so as to not initially present offence to the "well educated" participants.

I had a very modest education indeed, though English was a strength of mine.

I… Continue

Added by Mike Briercliffe on December 30, 2008 at 11:00 — 1 Comment

Let's have a W**k**s Programme shall we?

Many years ago, a quite famous boss (at the time) of mine was contending with a large Dutch/German/American chap who had been appointed to "sort us out", in the wake of having been acquired by what at the time was a global giant of a company.

The Foreign Chap - let's call him Jabba - said quite directly that our problems started with the fact that we had too many staff.

"Not to worry", said my boss, "we have a tradition in this country… Continue

Added by Mike Briercliffe on December 30, 2008 at 11:00 — No Comments

About.Me is a nice facility ...

All your links in one place - simple but really nicely done AND including some analytics. Come and have a look at my links?

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