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Why Balance Is Key with Healthcare Data Center Deployments


As healthcare organizations evolve their infrastructure strategies, they must weigh flexibility with cost savings.

Most organizations don't have SSH security policies in place - Help Net Security - MyTopPosts


            Cybercriminals can abuse SSH keys to secure and automate administrator-to-machine and machine-to-machine access to critical business functions. According to Venafi’s research, even though SSH keys provide the highest levels of administrative ac...

UK citizens blind to how their data is used by organisations


New research released today by Civica reveals that many UK citizens are blind to the true use of their data.

IBM Beats Microsoft-is Top Blockchain Technology Leader - Technotipz


Based on a study IBM has a high-profile R&D engagement with several initiatives such as Hyperledger along with an extensive list of blockchain clients across an array of key verticals and makes use of cases that include banking, asset tracking as well as t...

8 ways to identify and measure security threats


Security execs need to better understand vulnerabilities to improve resiliency of information systems.

The Sage UK Top 100 of SME Global Influencers

Click to see the whole list here. Lisa and Mike both appear in this - look in the middle of the table. 

My Hiscox Guest Blogs on Tech for Small Business

Blog Posts

Which Airline?

Posted by Mike Briercliffe on October 30, 2013 at 1:00 0 Comments

Mike is in the Top100 in BigData - at #16 Globally

I'm in at 16! :-) CLICK to Link to the article.


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