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Big Data, Big Deal! 5 Ways It's Going to Be Revolutionized In 2018 - Entrepreneur


The big data market has been predicted to be worth $46.34 billion by 2018. What can it do for your business?

Deep Learning's Growing Impact on Security


Neural networks are now practical for real-world applications, cutting back on work needed from analysts.

The great data science hope: Machine learning can cure your terrible data hygiene


Data lakes didn't quite pan out so now it's all about an abstraction layer and machine learning to save the day. Hopefully, machine learning can cleanse your data on the fly since humans have proved repeatedly they aren't meticulous enough.

The dangerous data hack that you won’t even notice


But this time, instead of leaking the company’s proprietary information to the public or freezing its systems with ransomware, the hackers subtly manipulate the data on which the company relies. Unlike “information-gathering” hacks (wh...

Samsung unveils ARTIK Secure IoT Modulesfor device-to-cloud protection


ARTIK IoT platform hardens critical end point security for secure access. Samsung Electronics announced ARTIK secure “s” systems-on-modules and services for the ARTIK IoT Platform to strengthen edge security. Samsung ARTIK IoT platform now delivers device-...

The Sage UK Top 100 of SME Global Influencers

Click to see the whole list here. Lisa and Mike both appear in this - look in the middle of the table. 

My Hiscox Guest Blogs on Tech for Small Business

Blog Posts

Which Airline?

Posted by Mike Briercliffe on October 30, 2013 at 1:00 0 Comments

Mike is in the Top100 in BigData - at #16 Globally

I'm in at 16! :-) CLICK to Link to the article.


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