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Since recognising the power of Social Media, I have worked studiously to understand the "influence" and "reach" aspects of this phenomenal movement of communication. Here are a few of the measures that I use to rate my progress.



Empire Avenue is a virtual stock exchange where the commodity being traded is Social Media Reputation - it's not as facile as it might seem - trust me!


PeerIndex is a British Rating System - my score jumps around high 60's




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This picture of me with two of the Pythons was taken at Tower Bridge in November 2010

Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam were presiding at the launch of a Monty Python Virtual World, built by Dubit.

A company where I am actively involved is Dubit ...

Dubit is a well-known story in the Youth Marketing scene. I've been involved in the background for 10 years now, though recently, more actively so. The services side of the company has top level connections throughout commerce, helping with research and marketing with top UK, Euro and Global brands.

The company had the very first "virtual chat room" way back in time. Now that technology approach has matured into a world-class platform for building Virtual Worlds for Social Gaming, with such names as Monty Python, BBC, and Diesel using the company to construct their environments.

This has always been an attractive company, with its youth heritage and some first-class positioning. Now it is poised to grow at 100% pre annum for the next few years.

Companies that I've had something to do with helping and in many cases still do ...


RAH is a recent project for me, where I've mentored the leader for the past 18 months or so. He's now got a good young company with a new joint venture in SW development for real-estate and a good all round "apps engine" which we thought up together. There's a way to go yet, though I'm in no doubt that Rob Heeley is someone worth watching. He's a bit too MS in his thinking for my liking though :-)


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All your links in one place - simple but really nicely done AND including some analytics. Come and have a look at my links?

My Favourite Products - warning - I may make pocket money if you buy this stuff ....

MindGenius The Rolls Royce of mindmapping software - great for projects, presentations, proposals, GANTT charts and more. Use MGBRIER as a code and you'll get 10% discount. 

VeryPC - The British Made Green Machine that is a global tech leader - I am field testing one of their Broadleaf machines and it is very good. Ping me for more info ... special prices from my intro and some great carbon subsidies available too.

more to come ....

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Virtual assistance & extensive support services from Rhianne Griffiths & her team.
The Peninsular Business Services Ltd and a new venture called Virtual Assistants in Wales.

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